A lovely weekend

This was one of those 'satisfying' weekends.  We took a drive through the mountains to see the fall colors, marvelling again at the stupendous scope of God's handiwork.  Smells, vistas, reds, yellows, oranges...wow.  Amazing and utterly refreshing.

Come fall two things always happen to me...I want to cook and I want to sew.  So I had a happy afternoon doing both.  Made Swedish meatballs and creamed potatoes for last night's dinner, (recipe for the meatballs is on my Healthy Living blog), and sewed up a couple of little fleece dog jackets for Sadie the dog.  She's a short-hair and gets cold so easily.  Fleece was easy--doesn't need hemming and I just sewed velcro on for closures.  Fun.

We're well into another of Genevieve Foster's great history books in our school studies, George Washington's World.  We just love these books!  Sonlight's Core 6 had two of them, Augustus Ceasar's World, and Colombus and Sons, and we have yet to read Abraham Lincoln's World in the second half of Core 7.  Captivating reading, story-style, well-written.   I love how she weaves the random threads of history as we've learned it with stories of real people and their lives.

SweetPea is enjoying a creative writing program we got right here at the Old Schoolhouse Store, "Reach for the Stars," written by Susan Marlowe.  It's a great intro into the basic components of fiction writing--characterization, show-don't-tell, plot development, vivid description, etc.  It's a nice balance to the heavier school assignments for my young authoress!

Glad for a nice weekend, glad to be back to our routine tomorrow.

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