Sunshine and shadows

This week reminded me of a summer day in Colorado...beautiful sunny skies with puffy white clouds passing in patterns across the blue, bringing a chill shadow to us below, then losing to bright sunshine again.

Sunshine...School went well this week, SweetPea and I working to make sure we got the academics done while juggling all sorts of 'other' outside things.  Besides drama class on Tuesday, Friday brought a full plate with art class, school, and a sleepover here with a couple of SweetPea's dear friends.  How I love the sound of happy laughter in my house!  And it helped to have nice, mild weather all week and not be shovelling or scraping ice or bundling up inordinately.

While SweetPea's drama class spent a couple of hours blocking a scene, I snuck away with a friend I don't see very often to poke about in some fun shops. We discovered some new spices we can perk up our dinners with, and oh-ed and ah-ed our way through the loveliest flower shop I've ever seen.  It was all artificial flowers, but it looked like a dazzling English garden at its summer peak.  The day was mild and clear, and that 'girl' time was a perfect refreshment to my soul.  A homeschool mom ought to do something like this regularly!  (ahem)

Shadows...I had a lot on my heart this week, praying for quite a few friends and families dealing with very heavy issues...a friend's young daughter who has had a year's remission from a rare form of cancer in her skull has had a reoccurance and is facing weeks of chemo and radiation...another dear friend is dealing with a serious health diagnosis...extended family with pneumonia and surgeries and injuries and complications...job needs and financial needs...many things that need God's miraculous intervention and mercy. 

And smaller stuff, like a nasty computer virus that has our main computer dead in the water and the frustration of seemingly wasted hours my dear husband is putting in trying to figure it all out.

So all week I've been saying, "I can't, we can't, You can!  I'm choosing Your rest while I trust You to work.  The battle is not ours, but Yours!"

And I remind myself:
"Commit your way to the Lord--roll and repose [each care of] your load on Him; trust (lean on, rely on and be confident) also in Him, and He will bring it to pass."  Ps. 37:5 (Amplified)
A good week ahead...


  1. Anonymous2/27/2011

    Sounds like quite a week, but a good one. Having time out with friends is a must for us homeschool moms. Glad you had a good time. :)


  2. Such a good quote! I am writing it down. Right now I am heart-heavy for two family members who are going through a very hard time and I feel so helpless. I have pleaded to the Lord for them for the last year when this all came to a crisis. He has provided, however, I can't see how he will continue to and that scares me. "I can't, we can't, You can!"


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