A play, a trip, and happy May Day!

I fully intended to have a proper see-ya-later to my blog readers a couple of weeks ago, before SweetPea's play production week and our Easter trip to AZ to see our families.  But it didn't happen.  So here I am composing my blog update on the road home, enjoying a late spring snowstorm (ahem--note insincere tone) whirling around us and savoring some very sweet memories.
I would not generally recommend trying to plan and pack for a trip while participating in a play, but as is His gracious custom, the Lord helped us.  "Robin Hood" was a smashing success, drawing repeat viewers and filling our cups to the brim with hilarity and immense satisfaction. 
SweetPea's defining moment as a rookie actress came in the very first production when she was supposed to bounce gaily offstage, then bounce back in with a golden arrow on a pillow for Maid Marian to present to Robin for winning the archery contest.  Alas, when she went to pick it up offstage for her bounce-in, it had fallen down in a crack between the stage and the backdrop wall--and for all her efforts, she couldn't reach it.  So back in she comes, late, no arrow on pillow.  My mouth dropped and I could see a moment of shock on the other kids' faces on stage--what now?  Having been instructed to adlib any such situations, after a brief moment of recovery, everyone carried on with the now imaginary arrow.  As a comedy, it even worked out perfectly when Robin Hood exited with a grin and an "I'll be back for that arrow!"  We later heard that everyone thought it was supposed to be that way, that it seemed natural that the air-headed SweetPea character couldn't even do the arrow thing right.  My hatt is off to those kids--it was great.
Then it was off to sunny AZ.  As we headed west on I-40, we knew that somewhere on the road the very same day we were passing Sally and her Rough Diamond crew headed east on their way to their new home.  While we didn't spot them, we said an honorary 'hello' and 'God bless you' to the traffic general and hoped their packing had gone well!  It'll be good to hear of their new adventure and see some of her non-desert photos.  :-)
Having no family near where we live, it's always a very special treat to go see them in AZ.  Three generations on one side of the family, four on the other live there, so you can imagine I need my daytimer to keep track of our breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and outings straight.  But the Lord seemed to stretch our time out and I'm coming home feeling refreshed and blessed by a lovely week.
Now it's time to think of...final push of the school year, SweetPea's testing, getting the garden in, yardwork, next year's school planning, helping with VBS, house projects.  On second thought, maybe I'll do a Scarlet O'Hara and 'think about that tomorrow.'  I have a few more hours of vacation and I'd better enjoy them while I can!


  1. Anonymous5/02/2011

    Wow, sounds like a busy but great time for you. Sarah was in her first drama on Easter weekend, and there was some adlibbing going on there too.
    So glad you got to see family, that is always the best. And the way our weather has been, I'm about ready to move to AZ. Though today is sunny, so maybe I'll stay here in Idaho. :)


  2. So glad to hear the play went so well. I am sure it was very hard to get packed during such an event. And I am glad you were surrounded with your family in AZ for a week. How long of a trip is it for you?


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