Saturday reflections

I guess I've been on a blogging-vacation though it wasn't intended.  My spring was so busy with things outside our home and school, that when June hit, so did all the backlog of what I hadn't gotten done.  I've been chipping away at my yard work, tackling piles of seasonal laundry and ironing, cleaning and organizing the house, catching up on visits with friends, and trying to enjoy the beautiful out-of-doors as much as possible.  And frankly, I've been tired.  The mental kind that affects your energy and vision.  I know I need some 'space' to rest and refresh, but it seems rather elusive with the never-ending need-to's and looming new school year.  I'm trusting that some vacation time with our families will help refuel my empty tank.

So I've scaled back on everything I don't have to do and am trying to spend time in the Word and being refreshed in the presence of the Lord.  He's the One who can make it all right and new, give me fresh vision for the coming school year.  I've been memorizing Psalm 91 this week and have been so struck with the complete goodness He has provided for my every need.  Praise God I don't have to do it all; He has already done it and I can just obtain my daily portion by faith.

We've had so much rain this spring and early summer that the flowers have been just incredible.  Here are a few shots of columbines at a friend's home--these are the Colorado state flower.  Aren't they just stunning?  They also come in pink or yellow, but this rich purple-blue is how you mostly find them in the forest.

 Can you imagine what the flowers in heaven must be like?!


  1. Anonymous7/09/2011

    Hope you get the rest you want. And those flowers are beautiful. Such bright colors. :)


  2. I pray time on your rejuvenation this summer break. And those flowers are AMAZING! That colour is the same colour in my future bathroom. I sure hope I get it soon. I am waiting on some plumbing issues to be solved. ((sigh)) Hopefully it will happen before fall sets in. ((praying))

    I hope to see you around. You are very well missed.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. You sure did extend yourself this spring with VBS and all. I hope you get to go on that vacation soon. What are the average highs like for you now this time of the summer? Does it get very humid in CO? I am wilting here in the 90's with muggy air. Our VBS is this week. Next week my husband is on vacation and we are back to the lake. Then I can get some rest. (Vacations are not rest around here!)


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