We managed to squeeze in one camping trip this summer, just last week, near Leadville.  It's a very historic area, boasting the early days of silver mining in our state's history.  And it's spectacular!

We enjoyed our time there with good friends, delighted we nearly had the campground to ourselves.  A fabulous setting with two big lakes ringed by several 14ers, absolutely breathtaking.  Wish I could share the scale with you.

Colorado is just so...vertical!

The highlight of the weekend was driving up over Independence Pass, a whopping 12,095 feet.  The day couldn't have been more perfect and the late summer hills were blanketed with wildflowers.  And yes, the air was thin!  We were glad to get down to more oxygen.

Photo courtesy of my daughter...the one with the good camera!

The weekend was nearly perfect, marred only by my hubby hurting his back.  More on that later...but we did make it home safe and refreshed.  I was glad we didn't hear until later that there had been a bear attack in the area!



  1. Oh my! If I could just go once! Even with the bears. :-)

  2. Anonymous9/03/2011

    We just had friends visit from Colorado. It is absolutely beautiful out there. We hope to visit it some day. Glad you had such a good time. I pray that your husband is feeling better. :)


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