My annual snow post

We got our slug of winter whiteness over the weekend, heavy and beautiful, well over two feet.  A legitimate excuse to hunker down with a fire in the fireplace and be cozy was wonderful after a busy week...happy sigh.

After my honey had hurt his back last summer, I petitioned him to get us a snow-blower.  As is so typical of the perfect timing of our kind Lord, we had just gotten one last week--and sailed through the mountains of white stuff.  My goodness, what a blessing and a relief.

There wasn't any tea on the terrace...

... nor will there be today--we woke up to another five inches!


  1. So, you are the ones will all the snow! I think we are still holding onto a 6 inch total. Very weird. Your snow pictures are impressive!

  2. We still have no snow. I'm not a huge snow person, but I must admit, I do wish we had a little bit of it. :)


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