Love and wholeness

I have been struck afresh at how fascinating it is that a dog can love us.  Our puppy's abject devotion is so freely given--where does she get it?  She is a creation of God and thus is part of the Kingdom of Love, designed to both give and receive love.  When we love her back in the ways she needs it--food, affection, recognition, praise, play and interaction--her happiness and contentment knows no bounds.  Her angst and tension disappear and with her cup full, she's off to chew a bone, take a nap, whatever.

It's an amazing thought to follow through.  How different are we?  Not at all.  We were designed by Love to be loved and give love, which gives both us and others the wholeness we need.  Giving love, in all its forms and manifestations, really, is our fundamental purpose in life.  We give a smile, an encouraging word, we meet a need, listen (truly listen!), or share a gift and so are giving a piece of the daily wholeness someone else needs.  Isn't this what our wonderful Lord does for us all day, every day?  Expressions of His love to bring us wholeness and life.

It's a sobering thought to realize that every angry word, act of impatience or selfishness, or withholding of what another needs is actually breaking the Law of Love--and not participating with God's intent for every being he made.

Ouch.  All this from my puppy.  And yet what a different cast this can put on my day if I will embrace it and do it!



Well, our first snow appeared last night, just in time for some holiday fun.  SweetPea had a ball sledding with friends and came home bubbling with the excitement of wet and fun and hot chocolate.  It was hilarious to watch the puppy explore the new white world outside--gingerly stepping one paw at a time in the fluff, then suddenly tearing around the whole yard in circles as fast as she could, panting, pausing to eat it or roll in it, then off again.  We forget that so many experiences are 'firsts' for her.

We had such a great day yesterday...had a walk with Hubby in the crisp, storm-coming air, then the three of us spent hours in front of the fireplace wrapping Christmas presents and watching The Sound of Music.  Holidays are often so busy that it was wonderful to just be together and savor the moments.

And I'm praising the Lord for sending my laptop back to me fixed and in perfect running order!  Wow, I feel like I have my wings back.

It's been a beautiful long weekend in which I am Thanks-giving.