There's a bottom to that trial

Some years ago I found myself suddenly suffering from a severe systemic candida infection. Sugar and carbs were the enemy--they not only made me violently sick, but released toxins that caused miserable symptoms. Within hours of the diagnosis, I had to go cold-turkey off of half what I normally ate, eat only meats, fish, eggs, and green vegetables, and begin the regime of natural meds that seemed all my body could handle.

I cried through more than one meal. Not being able to eat all the good things I cooked for my family was brutal. The candida made me ravenously hungry; the spartan diet I was now on didn't satisfy, and my body was having to shift from getting its energy from carbs to proteins.

But the scary thing for me was rapid weight loss. I have an average build, and at the time had very little extra to lose. Within the first month, I lost 25 pounds with no end in sight, and I was soon seeing a gaunt, not-well reflection in the mirror.

One afternoon, a jeweler, who was adjusting my wedding ring, told an ‘I-knew-a-person’ type of horror story people are apt to do when we tell them of our troubles. (Why do we do that?!) This friend had lost so much weight due to illness that his body was consuming itself for energy (ketogenic) and he ended up in the hospital.

Well, you can imagine how that hit me. His 'encouragement' sent a flaming arrow of cold fear straight to my heart. I was scared anyway in this uncontrolled free-fall, and now the picture of desperate illness and loss filled my mind.

I couldn't sleep that night. I knew the Lord wanted me to be at peace and trust Him, but honestly, I just couldn't get a grip. I cried out to Him for help, something, some word that would give my faith something to grab onto.

In the light of my bedside lamp, I reached out for my little bedside Bible and randomly opened it to the Psalms. There was His word for me, jumping off the page into my heart.

"The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, and He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholds him with His hand."  Psalm 37:23-24

I saw it--His great big loving hand was underneath me, stopping the free-fall, holding me securely and protecting me from this raging enemy and its devastations. A wave of joy washed over me--yes! He was bigger than this trouble. He was the bottom to this trial and I could relax and let Him take care of it for me.

The fear vanished like a morning mist in the sun. I slept peacefully that night, and would you believe it, I never lost another pound. From that day on I began to get better. It was a slow journey but a steady one, and I'm thrilled to say that today I am well!  My wonderful Lord 'upheld me with His hand' and walked me through to healing.

If you're struggling in a situation that seems out of control, I encourage you to take this verse to heart. He's bigger than any problem and wants to fight our battles for us. Picture yourself safe in His hand and and let it go to Him. He delights to do you good!