Death and hope

I lost a precious friend a few weeks ago to brain cancer. And indeed, death has been much on my mind as I’ve heard of many others recently losing loved ones or babies in miscarriage.

It brings a heaviness and sorrow to my heart as the inevitable question rises up within. Why? And for those left behind to process and carry on, I pray. The God who knows and understands all, and whose goodness is the bedrock of my life, will comfort and heal.  It’s what He does.

It has brought to my mind again an incredible truth I learned a few years ago when my mom passed away. All my life I had dreaded that loss.  We were so close, she was such a huge part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine how I could handle her being gone.

But when the day came—and the many days following—I was stunned to truly experience what the Bible promises to us and those who know Him: we sorrow not as those who have no hope.

I had the clearest sense the night she passed that I was not saying the heart-wrenching good-bye I’d feared, but “see you later, Mom.” It was painful but peaceful and has been as real to me to this day.

It’s true! I will see her later! Jesus was her Lord and she’s safe with Him. I know Him, too, so this is just a temporary separation. My friend is there, too, and one day I’ll join her and Mom and all the others who belonged to Him—and oh, what a party that will be!

If you’re walking through deep loss, I pray you’ll experience God’s true peace and this amazing comfort. Remember, “joy comes in the morning”!