Some R & R

Well, spring break is nearly done here and it's been a great week.  We've been so schedule-driven in recent months that it's been wonderful to just...do nothing!  While it makes me a bit nervous to be so unproductive, I recognize the need for rest and space to just be.

The weather was mostly cold and snowy on and off all week so we didn't get a lot of outdoor time.  But SweetPea finished reading the 8-book "Anne of Green Gables series" she's been on for a few weeks and we watched the movies to go with it--what a fun story.  In fact, she and a friend are going to reinact three funny scenes from it for a teen public speaking class she's a part of.

I don't even know what I did!  I think a lot of reading and thinking and keeping up with the basics of home and cooking.  I think we're both ready to get back to our school life now.

A school observation:  In the early part of our Sonlight Core 6 history studies this year we read D'Aulaires Greek Mythology and a book about the Trojan War.  I was not impressed with either one of them and was sorely tempted just to ditch all those gods and goddesses living their crazy lives on Mount Olympus.  I wasn't convinced about why we really needed to study this.  However, we stuck it out and now I'm glad we did.  I can't believe all the times across the breadth of our daily experience--the news, books, movies, etc.--I hear references of one kind or another to Greek mythology.  I have never studied it before in my own education, but it's good to understand the context now.  Just today on the radio I heard the intro of an opera at the Met where they were explaining how the hero of the story was a lady-killer like Paris of ancient Greek lore.  I knew what it meant! 

Anyway, my two cents worth.