Homeschooling an only

Every so often SweetPea and I have to have a pep talk about her being an only child--this week was one of those times.  She would love a sibling and since that's just not a probability, we have to go back to the basics--God has defined our family as it is and how do we live richly and with contentment within that definition?

I can't blame her.  It's often a lonely road and we are challenged to bring about that balance she wants.  We live in a neighborhood with no kids she can play with and puppies don't talk, P.E. is really boring (like how exciting is jump-rope?), we have to be careful not to be too demanding on friends and not to feel pushed to do too many outside activities to compensate.  All cousins and extended family live in another state.  Her mom has to be mom and teacher and friend and playmate, and when you're the whole student body, there's just not a lot of room for mess-up!

I've often told her she is having a unique opportunity to become good friends with herself.  People often live lives filled with so much activity and other people that if ever they are faced with significant aloneness, they are at a loss.  So I encourage her to write and develop all kinds of creativity...and to get to know Jesus, who is her best Friend.

I've grown to trust the Lord's leadership in her life, too.  Since her life is appointed as it is, He is arranging experiences for her that are tailor-made to teach her what she'll need to live a successful life.  For example, I keenly miss the lessons she would learn about unselfishness and care of others that she would have if she had brothers and sisters.  But she is learning these same things in friendships, both by experience and by observation.  And she'll certainly learn such things when it's her turn to be a mom, won't she?!

When it comes to homeschooling, I do feel pressure to "do it right" this first time around since it's my only time time around!  I'm working on that.  Part of me would love to just take a whole year and do all the fun and unschooling-sort-of stuff Right Brain whispers to me.  Alas, Left Brain usually shakes such nonsense out of me and we press on.  BUT, SweetPea told me just the other day that she is really enjoying all of school this year so I have no plans to rock the boat.

God is good!  I'm thankful He didn't leave me out of this fabulous journey of homeschooling.  One kid or many, I think it's one of the most exciting things going on the planet.


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