A homeschool guilt bites the dust

I don't know about you, but homeschooling has brought with it an assortment of guilts, big and little, subtle and not-so-subtle.  You know...I'm not doing enough--academics, foreign language, sports, hospitality, housecleaning, correspondence, keeping up with friendships, yardwork--whatever.

Well, the Lord showed me how to be free of one of them today!  A guilt I carry nearly daily is that of not having enough time in His Word.  No matter how I try, my quiet time seems so often sabotaged by the urgent and it's so hard to get it back before bedtime.  Sound familiar?  Probably one of the more effective tactics of the enemy since it's so critical to our life on every level.

This morning He reminded me about the manna in the wilderness.  The more obvious analogy to us today is that of their need to gather it every morning; so do we, yes.  But remember when He said that he that gathered much didn't have more than enough and he that gathered little had plenty?  It all evened out by His hand of balance.  So I saw that even when I only have time to gather a little (a few minutes?  a verse or two?), He can and will meet my need for spiritual sustenance--and that without guilt.  He knows what my responsibilities are and He is well able to make it be just what I need.

It is for freedom Christ set us free!

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