Form follows function

One of the interesting things I've observed about our daughter growing up is how her changing stages affect the functionality of our home.  Just when I have the rooms of the house organized, and furniture set to meet needs in each room, and shelves, drawers, and closets in good order, I wake up one morning and realize that "we" have moved on and need a whole new 'functionality.'

So today I'm looking in our schoolroom--which only a few months ago was 'set' for the next five years (ha!)--and I realize that SweetPea is hardly ever in here!  With a new desk in her room, that is where she chooses to do school.  Or curled up on the couch.  Or sprawled on the floor somewhere.

I suddenly notice that bins of crayons and markers, stacks of construction paper, math manipulatives, and other elementary-years stuff, won't probably be needed anytime soon.  (Do high schoolers still color?)

Which means that maybe I can put away some of these irrelevant items and move some of my sewing stuff from the dark and unappealing basement to this lovely, bright room!  It's a sad thought and a happy one.  I thought homeschooling would go on forever, that in some distant decade I would have time to focus once again on 'my' stuff.  While I'm loving SweetPea's independence in her studies, with only one offspring in the house, it means we're steadily moving toward being done.  Homeschooling has defined our life for so long that I quaver at the thought of the changes being done will bring.

But as with other major changes in my life, I must remember that each season of life God gives me, His favor and blessing and high purpose will cover it.  I can choose to see this coming changes as part of the adventure of living, under the masterful hand of the One who defined my life before the foundation of the world.

So I'm going to enjoy sewing in this happy room and savor every minute of this wonderful time with my beloved SweetPea.  Thank You, Lord!


  1. sagerats11/04/2009

    It always seemed to me that when I would change things around it somehow introduced another part of the house to my children that they hadn't noticed before. I'd set up a table in the schoolroom and they would discover the porch. I would put in a porch swing and they would work from their beds. Eventually the would go back to the porch and use the swing, they just needed time to get used to the change.

    As for coloring . . . I still do. ; )

  2. doehillhomeschool11/21/2009

    This post was a blessing and bittersweet, too. I'm trying to redeem the time with my three blessings, because they are growing so fast.


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