A great writing curriculum

Honestly, I can't believe how I've let my blog slide these past few weeks.  Chalk it up to that old 'busy' excuse--truly.  I take solace in noting that others around here are in the same boat!

We've finished up our second week of school.  Wow, those first few days were tough!  Neither of us wanted to do it.  But we've finally hit our stride again, not finding it so hard to get up early, discovering once again that we really do better with a schedule.

 I have to give a huge thumbs-up for the WriteShop curriculum!  I'm very impressed.  It's very detailed, leaves nothing for you, the teacher, to have to figure out, even to check-off lists that enable you to grade each assignment objectively.

Best of all, I love the process it leads you through, beginning to end.  The student must not only edit their own work--at least twice per assignment--but they must know why.  It requires a thoroughness that I can see will develop excellent lifelong writing habits.  I also love the way you can adapt the assignments to your core curriculum.  In a word, I'd say it demystifies the writing process.

So far, so good!  I'm happy to recommend it.

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