A lament

I've decided I don't like busy weekends!  And I'm stumped at how to avoid them.  By late in our week, I'm having visions of all the stuff I'm going to get done on Beautiful, Unstructured Saturday...long quiet time, cleaning, paperwork, yardwork, projects...you know.  But by the time we have our family waffle breakfast, run errands, whatever, it's dinnertime and I didn't get anything done on my list.  Again.

Is it only me, or do you find if you're gone half a day, you're catching up for two?  I was gone half of Saturday, then church yesterday with a potluck lunch, then a long, gorgeous hike in the afternoon with my honey while SweetPea had a youth event at church.  Such a beautiful day.  But I hit Monday morning unprepared for our school time, tired, wondering what we were going to have for dinner, not liking my cluttered home, and considering just going back to bed.

The only fix I can see right now is to be more organized during the week, do more planning ahead, preparing ahead.  Now, mind you, I'm an organizer by nature, but I'm sitting on the edge of a pretty decided revolt.  I don't want to be more organized!  I want to f-l-o-w.   How many months until summer?

So my goals this week include arriving at Friday afternoon with a relatively clean house, school all planned for next week, laundry and ironing caught up, plenty of food prepared for the weekend, fall leaves all raked up and bagged, bills paid.  Oh, yeah, and my basement cleaned up.

Hm-m-m...think it'll happen?

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