forest log

Among my favorite things on earth, other than people, are all that God created—living green plants and flowers, rock, water in all its forms, the animal kingdom, the stars.  No superhighways nor sky-scrapers nor technology in all their marvelous forms can compare with the incredible artistry and perfect functionality of all that He made.


I have a thing for wood.  It fascinates me that trees were given to us for shade, for fuel, for food, for medicine, for paper in our books, for building our homes, and for creating all manner of tools for living.  They beautify our world in a palette of color, and renew the very air we breathe.  Imagine our world without trees! 


Many things we prize most highly are made of wood—furniture, carvings, d├ęcor for our homes, and frames on our paintings.  Manmade materials can rarely compare with the inherent strength and usability of this single substance.  And for the most part, it is the perfectly renewable resource—quietly growing and producing all its bounty with little help from us.


Wood is infinitely artistic.




We can get a peek into the past when we look at wood--and give our kids practice counting.


I even find it fascinating and somehow significant that Jesus was a wood-worker.  I can imagine that He loved the warm colors and fragrant smells in His shop as he cut and shaped and created articles for the villagers.  Makes me smile to think of that of that very ‘common’ connection we have with Him.

Wonderful wood!


  1. Such beautiful words and pictures.

  2. What a beautiful devotional! Are all those scenes from near your home, the mountains too? Lovely!

    1. Yes, many of them are in nearby parks or my yard. The mountain shot was from a camping trip last summer a couple of hours from here. Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks.

  3. Great post, thoughtful and so true! Lovely pictures. I love wood, too.

  4. Wendy, your pictures are great! Thanks for following my blog for so long! I look forward to hearing from you again:)


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