Tunnel vision


We all have days from time to time where the issues of life simply overwhelm us…stress, confusion, discouragement, depression, sadness.  It doesn’t help that the world about us is oppressively broken and negative, confronting us at every turn with systems that are falling apart, dreams that fall to the ground, situations whose trickle-down effect sap our energy, vision, and hope.

I had a day like that yesterday.  Felt like I was looking up at bottom and flat-out crying to God for a rescue.  It’s been one of those years where the unrelenting ‘stuff’ of life—whether in my own life or in those around me—has demanded that I keep a strong hold on my faith in God and His promises or lose my bearings altogether.

Times like this always take me back to the basics.  God loves me.  God is bigger than all the ‘stuff.’  He isn’t the least buffaloed by calamity.  He has good plans for me and will see to it that I am where I should be today and all my tomorrows.  He is at work in every situation with wisdom and patience.  I can trust Him implicitly.  He comforts my aching heart and restores my joy.  He is patient with my failures and understands my pain.  And tomorrow will be a new day wrapped up with His fresh mercies.

I was reminded of these truths as I read the Word this morning, and took fresh hope.  It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in the tunnel and it has a lot of curves; nevertheless, that doesn’t mean the light isn’t there or that you won’t come out at the other end one day.

In the meantime, He’s in the tunnel with me and so all is well.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” ~ II Corinthians 5:7


  1. Yes, He is with us in the tunnel. I'm sorry that you have had these challenges. I will pray for your endurance and strength.

  2. Such encouraging words. I've had those 'tunnel vision' times too. Glad you are clinging to the Lord during those times.

  3. AMEN! I'm sorry your are going through this challenging season. I've been going through some disappointments lately myself -- so thankful for our LORD!! (hugs)

  4. What a true post indeed. I am praying for you my SSiC and can so relate. May the Lord bless you and all those around you and may He show His light even in the tunnel times. ((HUGS))

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSIC
    In Him<><


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