The wallpaper story

Well, first off, the good news—we’ve had an offer our house, and if all goes well, we’ll be moving in a few weeks!  I’m so glad the process of cleaning-the-house-to-make-it-salable every day lasted only a week. While it was wonderful to have everything pristinely perfect all the time, it’s so unrealistic while you’re trying to live and pack to move.

After weeks and months of getting the house ready to put on the market, we agreed with our realtor to have an open house.  With all demand of other things this past year, my time was limited to sorting, packing, and clean-out rather than fix-ups on the house.  That was my dear hubby’s department and he did a marvelous job.

But some things we just had to forego—certain yardwork projects, fresh paint in every room, etc.  The big project I had to let go was stripping the wallpaper in my new kitchen and giving it a new look.  I just couldn’t pull it off.  So we did some touches of new paint and d├ęcor to go with the wallpaper colors, and I prayed earnestly that the Lord would send a buyer who could live with it or be willing to change it herself.  It did look rather charming, I thought, a country kitchen all gleaming white and new.  I consoled myself with assurances from interior design gurus on the internet that wallpaper is coming back in.  (Maybe they won’t know this is twenty years old.  We call it ‘classic.’)

Fast forward to open house day.  When we returned home from our don’t-hang-around escape to the library, our realtor happily informed us that we’d had an offer for the house from an out-of-state couple relocating here.

“It was funny,” he said. “When the lady walked into the kitchen, she looked at the wallpaper and cried, ‘Oh!  It’s just like mine at home!  I love it!’”

I started to laugh.  Can you believe it?  Isn’t that just like our dear Lord to answer my prayer so specifically during such a stressful time?  To so kindly and specifically save this house for the lady-who-loved-the-wallpaper?  I needn’t have had an anxious thought about it—God had been arranging things for months.

I’ve been smiling all week.  There’s just nothing like having such little, super-personal revelations of the Lord’s love burst in on your daily landscape.  What a perfect reminder of His incredible, detailed care about everything in our life, such a comfort for both now and in the days of change ahead.

Maybe you should consider wallpaper in your kitchen.  Smile


  1. Such a blessing to hear, thank you for sharing it. I love to hear how the Lord works in our lives like that.

  2. Wow, that went fast! And I LOVE your wallpaper story. I always want to kick myself when I pray for something and then God answers my pray, like I never really expect Him to do anything special for me. :) Happy Moving!!!! I look forward to the new house tour soon.

  3. That is a wonderful story! You have made your home so lovely. I am glad someone could see that. Yes, do post a new home tour when you are able.

  4. I love it when God works like that in our lives. Thank you for sharing this!


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