By Way of Introduction

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by to visit!  I have finally gotten my blog going after letting the idea simmer on the back burner for a while, so let me introduce myself.


I’m mom to a precious 12-year-old daughter, a miracle child given to us by the Lord when it seemed like it couldn’t or wouldn’t happen.  I’m wife to a wonderful, godly man who shares my passion for the Lord and His Word and is the dearest friend one could have.  When I’m not homeschooling or tending to the other million things we gals fill our time with, I love to read, spend time with friends over tea (jasmine green tea, to be specific!), be outdoors gardening or hiking or biking or camping; I also enjoy writing, nature journaling, cooking and trying new recipes, sewing, and crafts.  Fortunately, my daughter is a kindred spirit, so most of these things are extra-fun because she does them with me.


We’ve homeschooled from the beginning, happily using Sonlight as our curriculum (read: love all those fabulous books!).  Hubby is a vital part of all we do, adding a wonderful dimension to everything from P.E. to car maintenance.  We’re part of a great support group and I can’t imagine homeschooling with it!


My hope is to share all sorts of things here—homeschooling tips I’ve learned, riches and encouragement from the Word, even nutrition information and recipes that have become vital to our family through some health challenges in recent years.


So please come back again.  God bless you today!


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  1. PoeticMaiden8/12/2008

    Hooray! You posted! *grins, does happy dance*

    Beautiful introduction! I feel like I've met you in person. I really have met you in real life, but what difference does that make? My point is that I felt like I was meeting you all over again, and that I felt like you were sitting across from me, sipping your Jasmine Green tea as you reintroduced yourself! :-D

    I am so pleased to leave the first comment on your blog!



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