Summer's end

We've been back to school for a week now, but I must confess it's been slow going for both of us. Summer ease has spoiled us for a disciplined routine--we're too quick to give in to the lure of a break for any reason! It'll come, I know, I'm just loathe to let go of the simplicity of sunshine and play.

Don't you love August? Red, juicy tomatoes and perfectly ripe melons, peaches that drip with each bite. The din of crickets at night. Flowers exploding with color everywhere you look. Gardens that are finally yielding the fruit of your hard labors. Green, green, green. Thank You, Lord!

Our studies this year, 7th grade for SweetPea, include Sonlight's Core 6, Saxon 8/7 math, Apologia General Science, and some fun add-ons. I'm pleasantly surprised with Saxon. We've done Singapore and Horizons and had heard a fair bit of negative press about Saxon. However, we're finding that the explanations are solid and clear, daily problem set varied, and good review presented. Even the drill seems good for her this year as a prep for Algebra next, so I'm pleased. Best of all, she loves it! This from my non-math girl.

So...by God's grace, I'm expecting a good year. He is so faithful.


  1. PoeticMaiden8/13/2008

    Hmmm... your description of August makes me want to relax in the shade of a tree and eat one of those peaches. I still can't wrap my mind completely around the idea of starting school again. I feel that summer should go on forever. However, I am rather anxious to dive into the Stobaugh writing program, so perhaps school should start. :-)

    I posted about your blog on my blog!


  2. Equestrienne218/16/2008

    Dear WordLady,

    You sound like a really neat person. I'm glad I know you outside the blogosphere! :-)

    Much love,


  3. OutlawedPrincess8/18/2008

    As much as I dislike Saxon, I can put in a good word for it! It's all I've ever done in all my 11 years of schooling and you really learn a lot. Math's not my favorite, but I don't think you'll find a better curiculum!

    I love Colorado August!!! It's cooling off and being beautiful! In Arkansas it is still 98 degrees and rising!!!

    God Bless!

    Meggy T


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