Mid-winter doldrums

February tends to be the month where I would like to pack my suitcase, get in the car, and go anywhere (except where it's colder or grayer).  I'm daydreaming about yard work, Vitamin D that comes from the sun instead of a bottle, vacation destinations, no school, birds singing, and the glories of spring.

It's not that I don't like winter; it has it's own beauties.  I like the lack of yardwork and outdoor projects so I can get caught up on indoor stuff.  I love the beauty of snow, the coziness of slippers and afghans and hot tea, of the fireplace crackling of an evening. 

Today God shared a special winter scene with me.  I was out for a walk circling a frozen lake in the thin mid-afternoon sunshine, and there, spread before me on the lake, were hundreds of Canadian geese, all fluffed out and settled down for their naps on the ice--and all facing the same direction.  So peaceful, so striking with their dark heads and markings against the white ice.  Behind them, the dark, jagged skeletons of bare trees edged the lake and in the distance, the long blue mountain range stretched out as far as I could see in either direction, topped with snow-capped peaks.  Wow.  Wish I'd had my camera.

So I'm trying to savor the season and fill my restless mind with thankfulness, and do things that refresh my spirit. 

Is it spring break yet?


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  1. hsbaby2/02/2010

    Oh, I can relate!! I was just telling my dh that I can't wait for it to warm up! But then I thought of all the mowing and yard work that the warm weather entails and decided that I am happy being cold for a little while longer!!! Although we are going to FL next week for vacation so at least I have about a week of sunshine to break up this overcast monotony!!


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