Time for a breather

     Busy month around here...anyone else?!?  (So much for the it's-winter-and-I'll-get-caught-up-on-projects idea.)

     Let's see, we've spent a lot of time in the car getting from here to there.  Sweet Pea's done gym classes, an oral report skit with required practices, drama class with final performance, piano lessons and special practices for a performance, five most-of-the-day sessions of a free enterprise mock-town experience, a Valentine party, hang-out times with friends, church and church activities...you get the idea.  Then there's the round of colds that went through our family (SP's on her second one).  Oh, yeah, and we did school.

     So I think things are settling down a bit, at least for a couple of weeks.  It's time to get well and get back to our routine.

     I have to give a wonderful recommendation for an audio version of Great Expectations that we listened to from the library.  It's a BBC production and is narrated by Martin Jarvis--absolutely outstanding.  He does all the voices so distinctively that you think it's a whole cast of people.  After we finished it, we checked out the Masterpiece Theater version of the story, but gave up early on because we so loved the characters we'd come to "see" in our minds with Jarvis' performance that the visual seemed a betrayal of it!

     As much as I enjoy the Olympics, I'll be glad when they're done--they rather dominate our evening time.  And they're so...cold.  I guess my Arizona upbringing still stirs in my chilled winter veins.  I'm trying to remember what it feels like to sweat.



  1. Anonymous2/24/2010

    I'm amused that watching the Olympics makes you feel cold. I'm trying to remember what a cross-country ski outing feels like. Nostalgia time! Not anxious to start sweating again. That will come soon enough!

    I wish I were watching more of the Olympics than I am.


  2. LadyWillow2/26/2010

    Ah yes...Great Expectations...that's such a good story...Believe it or not, I listened to it on CD recently too...let me go see who read it...waddaya know! It was Martin Jarvis! Yeah, that was really good. I loved Miss Havisham's voice. And Joe.

    Hope SweetPea gets better soon!



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