Ah, summer...

It's finally here!  We're warm, it's not snowing, and it's very green outside.  You can't tell me that I might still need gloves and boots.  Please.

And the other good news is that we finished school!  (Almost.)  We actually met all our state requirements for hours and days, and will just do a bit of wrap-up this month, then truly have a few weeks off.  We're in the middle of our last read-aloud for Sonlight Core 7, God's Smuggler, about Brother Andrew.  My goodness, what a wonderful example of being led by the Holy Spirit, of being truly sold out to Jesus and living every day by His heart.  It's been a fresh challenge to my own faith.

SweetPea finished Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra, and we certainly both have to give that program a huge thumbs-up.  She loves it.  And it's a relief to me to have found the right thing for her that we can track with now throughout high school.  Yay!

Having already done a big vacation in April, we're looking forward to some quality time to improve the homestead.  Hubby needs to rebuild a shed and do the finish work on our new patio roof, and I have a ton of yardwork and landscaping that will take me all summer to catch up on.  I haven't done much the last couple of summers; a nasty bout of candida last year nixed my energy for doing normal yard stuff, and it's been a year of recovery.  I'm praising the Lord for the increasing ability to tackle these things again!  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"!

We're starting a fun project tomorrow with another family--I'll be teaching them and SweetPea how to sew.  We expect to work at it throughout the summer, and I have the side hope it will jumpstart me back into sewing.  I used to make most of my own clothes, but it's one of those things that fell by the wayside when I started homeschooling. 

Off to see what Brother Andrew is doing in the next chapter!  Blessings on your day.  :-)


  1. Oh, don't you just love stories of the heroes of the faith?!! Another wonderful story, but difficult to read, is about Brother Yun, it's called "The Heavenly Man." Difficult not in the mechanics of reading, but in terms of the suffering (this is the story of the Chinese church and their persecution). My girlfriend recommended it to me, and while I wept often, I couldn't put it down. Here in the US and Canada, we live in such physical comfort and security (relative to the rest of the world) that we have not experienced the depth of fellowship with Almighty God that those who were/are, as you put it, completely "sold out" and obedient to His call. There is a spiritual power out there that he gives to such as them, and the story of the Chinese Christians tells that...it's remarkable, and I highly recommmend it if you're looking for something after Brother Andrew! (Not for "llittles" in your homeschool...I'd hold it off until high school, and then plenty of discussion...your teens will grow and mature in their walk and understanding of what it means to follow Christ!)

    Illinois Lori at "Plans4You"
    Home of "Thursday Talkin' About Teenagers"

  2. Lazy Laurie :D6/07/2010

    Ooo I like the template! :) And good job at keeping up with posting.

    Love you (see you soon)



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