New beginnings

I love, love, love a new year.  I start getting excited about mid-December when Christmas and it's clutter is weighing heavily on me and clean-up sounds inspiring.

I met a big goal this year, reading the Bible through.  Usually I'm at it for a lot longer, studying and chewing on what I learn, but it was wonderful to get the 'big picture' again.  I'm aiming to do again this year, though not to the exclusion of deeper study.

I had mixed results with my home goals.  On the one hand, I did a lot of clean-out and organizing of drawers and closets, boxes of stuff donated to the thrift store, better time-saving methods in the kitchen, etc.  But my nemesis, The Basement, still defies me at every turn.  I suspect I need more shelving and less stuff...the two best weapons to conquer the beast.  So that's high on list for 2011.

Our transition into high school has been a bit bumpy this year, not so much about content or results as organization and vision.  I know where I'd like us to get (I think).  I like the path we're on (I think).  But it has been unsettling to consider that the once-endless-seeming homeschool journey will end in 3 1/2 years.  What do we still need to do?  What is really important?  What does she want to do with her life?  And when am I going to get a handle on all this high-school record-keeping for hours and credits and requirements and testing?!??  Hopefully in 2011.

I met a few of my writing goals this year...attended a conference, stayed consistent with a small networking group, got published, learned a ton.  I'm praying a lot about truly, deep down, viewing my writing as a call from God rather than "I'll-get-to-it-when-I-can"--and acting accordingly.  I've been working on a children's devotional for years but I think it's time to get it written and out there where it can do some good.  So I'm planning on a regular writing night (thank you, Sandy, for the kick in the pants!) this year, along with any other time I can squeeze in.

And I'd like to see progress this year in...time management and priorities, praise and thanksgiving, being a good wife and mother, hospitality, friendship, financial management, health and fitness, and peace.  Today the Lord reminded me in Psalm 1 what His formula for progress and success really is--seeking Him first and always.

So I commit 2011 to Him and pray I'll cooperate with all He wants to do in my life!

May your year be abundantly blessed above and beyond all you can ask or think.  :-)

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