A quick catch-up

January...2015. I can hardly believe how the months fly by! 

Yes, and in case you're counting, it's been months since I've posted here. My apologies, dear reader. I have missed my blog world and keeping up with the friends I have made here. I have written dozens of posts in my mind, but they just haven't made it to the keyboard. I hit the ground running in the morning and find it hard to get past the day's to-do list to do the 'fun' stuff.  However...one of my resolutions for the new year is to get back to blogging--I'll do my best to make it so!

I have rarely had a year in my life as busy and full-to-the-brim as the one just past. The short list includes:

  • a short vacation to California to meet some of our wonderful blog-world friends
  • finishing thirteen years of homeschooling and getting all my ducks in a row to get our daughter Leesie graduated
  • a trip back to Colorado for her to graduate with her lifelong friends, for us to see friends
  • a wonderful two-weeks' visit here by precious Colorado friends
  • dozens of family events
  • helping Leesie get her driver's license and first car
  • helping her get started in college
  • lots of cooking, hospitality, and family care of one sort or another

The past few months have brought quite a change to our family, the one homeschoolers can hardly envision will ever happen--we finished homeschooling! A funny, empty feeling, especially when you have only one student. However, I hardly had time to process the end of that chapter of my life as I was racing headlong into the next. And I need not have worried about what the next step would be for Leesie (which I did!)--God had a marvelous plan that has unfolded right before our eyes.

She realized last summer that graphic design was her real love, so she started a program in the fall at a local junior college. And right on the heels of that, by a miraculous connection only the Lord could have arranged, she was offered a graphic design internship at a local historical museum. What a perfect match! We think it will soon be a paid position, and she's loving it. As her boss has told her, she's learning things about the graphic design world and marketing that she wouldn't learn in school. We're just thrilled and once again, amazed at our good God.

The Lord's message to me in 2014 was "just trust Me." I struggled so often to stay in that place of peace, but little by little I'm learning anew that I really can trust Him to work out the complexities and needs of my life. So I begin 2015 with a renewed confidence that, in spite of the challenges and unknowns of the year before me, I will see that He went before and planned it all out.

I hope this new year will bring you a fresh awareness of the love and goodness of Jesus!


  1. That is so wonderful!!! It encourages me to know your daughter has found her passion. I am not worried about my sons, but my daughter is not fitting into the typical patterns. I am praying for guidance.

    1. A friend of mine encouraged me a couple of years ago about this. As a homeschooling mother of eight, she had seen this verse come true for all her kids: "A man's gift makes room for him" (Pr. 18:16) The Lord led them each to a unique path, perfectly suited. I would have to agree now, seeing what He did for my daughter...and so He will do for yours! Thanks for popping by and checking in. :-)

  2. So glad you've had such a good though busy year. We are down to our last home school child and he only has a year and a half left. Definitely a change. What a blessing your daughter has found such a great position.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, JoAnn! Can't believe you're nearly done homeschooling! I'll be interested to see how the Lord leads you.

  3. Such a busy year you have had! And isn't that just like God, Who orchestrates our lives so much better than we can ourselves, all's we have to do is stand in awe. ♥ That has happened to us so many times. So now that you are done homeschooling, I'd love to hear how you fill those hours that use to be school time. I have some thoughts about what I would like to do, but I love to hear other retired homeschool mamas. :)


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