New Year's resolutions, rethought

As a new year begins, I'm always eager to set goals and make plans--it's very exciting to have a fresh action list that will aim my efforts and keep me on track.

Normally, I start by journaling in a sort of free-write style about the past year--reviewing high points & praises, failures, patterns, observations, needs. I like to do this with a free journaling program I downloaded on my computer, which allows me both the privacy I want and the speed to really get my thoughts out there.

Then from that I come up with an action list and goals for the coming year. I print out a final copy and keep in my calendar notebook so that I can refer to it often. The whole process works well and gives me a clear sense of purpose and direction.

However, I think this year will be a bit different. Less detailed, with more focus on the inner issues of my heart.

If I've learned anything from this very challenging and busy year, it's been that God wants me to follow His plan for my days, not mine. (New thought, huh?) The key word here is f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e. Time and again, I have mapped out my day and gotten rolling, only to have it completely change by mid-morning. (For we Type A's, this is, um, particularly challenging.) My very lists become a source of frustration because I am constantly faced with what I'm not accomplishing!

I'll admit right here that I'm not good at this! God has not always had my best cooperation, sadly. But the pattern that has emerged is unmistakable. He wants me to:
Trust Him with all my heart, not lean on my own understanding; acknowledge Him in all my ways...and He will direct my paths.    ~ Proverbs 3:5, 6  (my paraphrase)

That "direct my paths"...do you know what the word direct means in the original Hebrew? It's fabulous. The word is yashar and it means "to make straight, right, upright, pleasing, and good." 

So if (when) I let Him take all my 'stuff,' He promises to make my days straight and right and good!

That is my prayer and plan for 2015. I'm trying to "let go and let God." The days where I have successfully done this (with my mind and heart) have been the best ones; somehow the important stuff gets done, and I'm learning to rethink my priorities in light of what are obviously His.

May He yashar your paths this year as well!


  1. That is so weird, my word is flexible too, though mine is really two words, flexibility with consistency. My husband works retail, has for 5 years, and our schedules change every week. It's been hard for me to adjust, since I like schedules, but the Lord has been gracious and has helped me. But it's also kept me from commiting to some things He might have for me, because I can't make solid commitments because of our ever changing schedules. But this year He was me to be flexible but consistent too. Not sure how that is going to look this year, but it should be interesting. :)

    1. Thanks for the thoughts, JoAnn. Interesting how the Lord is speaking the same thing to you--I guess it's a very pointed lesson in daily dependence on Him, isn't it? Maybe the consistent part is keeping a cheerful attitude in the midst of the changes--that's the hard one for me. Blessings!

  2. Yvette1/30/2015

    Oh Wendy,

    Reading this post is like I'm sitting in the living room with you, sipping tea, and hearing what the Lord has shared with you -- I can hear your voice saying the words as I read them! And I have tears in my eyes....it's so good to hear you! And what an encouraging word! I love you, friend!

  3. Wonderful thoughts for the new year Wendy! I too have always kept lists of goals from year to year. Unfortunately, rarely do I accomplish much of what I put down and so it's always the same ole list year after year. The last year or two I just shopped doing the list since I know me so well. Now, some of those goals are on hold until I'm done homeschooling, which will be in a very few months (yikes). In these dark times in our nation & world, it sure is good knowing that our time is in His Hands. ♥


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