Lessons from 2010

Maybe it's a week early, but this morning I thought over the lessons God has been teaching me this year.  They've come through illness, parenting, homeschool challenges, family issues, decision-making and more.  But it was a good exercise to see the strong threads of training the Lord has been at with me.

  • First and foremost would certainly be the utter Truth of God's Word.   He said it...it cannot fail...I can have complete confidence in it as I take it as mine, mix it with my faith, and wait in certainty and patience that He is bringing it to fulfillment in His time.

  • I cannot and should not live one day without having spent time with Him and in His Word.  It is my very life, health, counsel, wisdom, peace, and blessing.  Daily, early, I need to be praying in the Spirit, fellowshiping with Him, inviting His Lordship into everything, waiting on Him.

  • His Word on my lips, declaring His will over every situation, is the Sword of the Spirit.  It will accomplish what He sent it out to do.

  • His kingdom is to be my first priority--not school or cooking or blogging or friends or errands or housework or fun stuff.

  • I need to cast ALL of my cares on the Lord, "get out of the way," as my beloved husband admonishes me, and so enter into REST.  It is finished.  It is not up to me to bring about the fulfillment of God's promises.  My part is to believe, His part is to do.  (Incredible thought.)

  • I need to operate in all things from the position of being "in Christ"--seated and ruling with Him.  All that He did for me, all that He is and has is mine because I am "in Him," and as I appropriate it by faith, led of the Spirit, I will see His LIFE on every level.

  • I need to be filled with praise and thanksgiving all day, every day.  It enthrones God then in every situation of my life, activates my faith, and causes me to see things from His point of view--VICTORY.

  • I can't, He can.

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