'Twas the week before Christmas...

...And I'm ending the day with a scattered brain...still lots to do for Christmas but I'm not sure what...too many things going on...the to-do list too-long...yawn.

BUT!  God is so good and that's what I want to have as my final thoughts of the day--His never-ending goodness and blessings.

Thank You, Father...

  • for bringing my brother-in-law home safe today from several months in Afghanistan!  What a wonderful Christmas gift to the family.

  • for keeping us in good health.

  • for giving SweetPea a fun Christmas party today with support group friends.

  • for helping me get my packages shipped on time!

Tomorrow is a baking day--lefse, a Norwegian soft bread like a tortilla only made with potatoes, cinnamon rolls, and some more cookies.  Our family is Scandinavian so we have all sorts of fun food at Christmas, the only time I can be persuaded to make such labor-intensive goodies.  How did those ladies of long ago have time to do this daily??

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