Working at rest

I've been doing pretty well in my goal to be cool and relaxed this Christmas--no stress (right), enjoying all the sweet and special things of the season.  But I can feel "acks" creeping in around the edges...Ack!  We don't have our family photo taken yet.  Ack!  I haven't even begun our letter or Christmas cards.  Ack!  I've done no baking and have nothing ready in the freezer for those quick gifts.  Ack!  It's only two weeks until Christmas and I haven't wrapped our shipped my out-of-state gifts.  Or finished my shopping.

But one of my Big Lessons for 2010 has been to learn to be at Rest and let the Lord manage all the 'stuff.'  Hard to do, but so rewarding when I'm doing it right.  I determined in November that I was going to have a simpler Christmas this year, so I'm bravely facing all the "I haven'ts" with "He will--I just don't know how!"  In keeping with this lesson of Rest, my philosophy is, if it doesn't get done, it must not have been that important.  Very Type B, I know.  Another one of my goals.

So I'll keep you posted on how the Lord handles all this for me.  "His yoke is easy and His burden is light"!


  1. Well, Wendy, Blogger doesn't go offline for days at a time... lol. It's not perfect, actually I feel like I am adrift out there. I haven't given up my HSB blog. I want to see if I can reproduce the community feel by "following" other homeschoolers. That is the biggest plus of HSB, and so far I miss it, but then you all were down anyway. If you decide to move, sure I'll help you with what I can. I don't know much, but Google always has an answer. :D That's how I found out how to get around the import/export problem. That was, at first, very intimidating to me, but it ended up being very simple.

  2. Good morning, Wendy! Nice to see you on my cbox today. No, you don't have to have one, too, but it would be nice to be able to bop over here and say hi quickly. :) Not that it takes much effort to leave a comment, lol. *blush*


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